The Rabbit.




Join Charlie for an afternoon of trapping, butchery, fire and history. Guests will learn how to trap, skin and cook a rabbit.

Note: Rabbits are sourced paunched and inspected by a certified game dealer. All meat is traceable.



How to trap a rabbit using survival methods.

Duration: 30-45 mins.

Key learning points: We will discuss the law on trapping in the UK. You will then be shown a variety of different trapping techniques. Finally, you will create a functioning trap from natural materials.

How to inspect, skin and butcher Rabbit. 

Duration: 30 mins.

Key learning points: We will inspect our rabbits and talk through some of the most common illnesses you will encounter with wild UK rabbits; myxomatosis, liver fluke. You will then be shown how to skin the rabbit and butcher it into usable cuts of meat before you have a go at your own rabbit.

How to cook the Rabbit. 

Duration: 1 hour

Key learning points: The processed rabbits will be placed into the pot for an hour to slowly cook. We will discuss different flavours that can be collected from the British countryside to compliment the meal. The rabbit will cook whilst we explore fire.


Duration: 1 hour

Key learning points: A firm favourite. This session explores the history of fire. Followed by how to create fires using materials scavenged from the urban as well as the natural environment.


Duration: 30 mins plus 

Key learning points: The rest of the morning is reserved for enjoying a hot rabbit stew lunch with fresh bushcraft bread. A great opportunity for any questions or discussion points. 

Sessions run from 10 am to approximately 1230 pm.


Cost: £65 per person

Date: 23/06/2019 

Location: Hampshire, Aldershot area, exact location given upon booking.

To book: email or contact me



Groups are never more than 5 unless requested.
All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.