#4 When to carry a knife?

When should I carry a full tang knife?

Enzo, Fällkniven, Morakniv and even the Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife. All beautiful knives, all very good at what they are designed to do. All illegal, unless possessed within the correct parameters.

When to carry a full tang* knife?

A quick note on the law behind knifes. “It is illegal to carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less.” And “Use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife)” So Swiss army knifes are basically your only legal mainstream option. ref-www.gov.uk

I spend quite a lot of time with military and Bushcraft/survivalist types and the opinions all differ on this subject.

Some carry a full tang Bushcraft style knife at all times. This is so they have it to hand at all times if the need to survive occurs.

There is no denying that the knife is a brilliant tool with a thousand uses but in the current climate do the positives outweigh the negatives to carry such knives?

To the trained eye one can spot a nice carving or Bushcraft knife a mile away, however some other ‘survival’ knifes out there do look menacing.

Due to the recent change to knife laws the ‘zombie killer’ style knives are now illegal all together. Which, as you can see below, is a generally accepted good decision. Aside from the obvious, I can’t see a need for a knife of that construction.

Personally I carry a small Swiss Army knife with me, it has a 2.5” folding blade and a 1” folding blade. I purchased this around a year ago and have used it at least once a week since buying it. If I found that I didn’t use it I wouldn’t carry it around, that’s mostly because I like to have my pockets as empty as practicable. On the occasions I haven’t had it on my person I’ve always had the need for it. The majority of the time I will need to open packaging or a box. Occasionally I’ll need to cut some string or sharpen a stick for use as a peg. And I’ve once needed it to open a few bottles of beer.

For me this is enough evidence to convince me to carry this knife around with me on a daily basis. It is kept in my pocket away from view.

For all of my occasions all I have ever needed is a small blade. Never the need for a larger style knife, and never the need to have it permanently on my belt.

I see online some people carrying K-Bar style knives (below). Having worked with US Marines they have rarely encountered a need for it, let alone a use aside maiming people. Similarly with the original Commando Daggers, after the first year of the Second World War they stopped being issued to the Commandos as all they used them for was toasting bread.

What knife do you have, when do you carry it and for what reasons?

Thanks for reading.

*A full tang knife refers to a fixed blade where the metal from the blade runs all the way through the length of the handle, but not necessarily the width. These knives are generally epoxy glued into the handle or secured with two rivets.

One thought on “#4 When to carry a knife?

  1. Howdy from Wyoming, USA. 99% of the time when I need a knife I’m reaching for a SAK Super Tinker. I keep an inexpensive Mtech assisted opening liner-lock folder in my barn jacket pocket in case I need something bigger while working around the homestead.


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